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Using WinSCP to Access Server

Sometimes it's nice to use a dedicated application to access your server like WinSCP which has the benefit of visually viewing your server if you're not accustom to using SSH.

Download the key from AWS

Image Download Key

Convert pem key to ppk for WinSCP

The key is a .pem file. In order to connect with WinSCP, you need to convert it to .ppk which can be done using PuTTYgen. PuTTYgen is included when downloading Putty. Can use the .msi installer here Putty Download.

Inside PuttyGen Load the .pem file with the Load button.

Image PuttyGen

Then hit save private key. This will save the key as .ppk.

Login to WinSCP

In WinSCP, enter the static IP as the host name, ec2-user as the username.

Image WinSCP Login

In the advanced settings, go to SSH → Authentication. For the private key file, select the .ppk that was generated. Hit OK and you can now connect. You can create SSH sessions using the Putty terminal within WinSCP.

Image WinSCP SSH

You can now login to your server, navigate your files, and start an SSH session!