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Home Server

Setting up your own private Docker Hub Repository

Setting up a docker repository in Nexus requires some additional configuration as the Docker api needs to run on a separate port. Once set up, you can now dockerize and back up your applications to your own server!

I have all the details on how to set up your docker repo here here. I will be adding additional documentation about how to actually dockerize your applications next.

Setting up a Free, Self Hosted, Photo Storage Alternative

I am amazed at how good this free and open-source photo solution is. A software called Immich, developed by an electrical/software engineer, who wanted no-limits, private, free alternative to storing photos after starting a family.

Hey, I also started a family not that long ago and all of the sudden, I started taking TONS of photos. Fortunately for me, Alex has already created this amazing solution and open-sourced it, so that the whole community gets to use this!

Building a Home Server with an old PC

So I had an old PC laying in the closet that I haven't touched in probably 2 to 3 years and decided to turn it into a new toy for the house. In today's post, I will go over installing Ubuntu on our old desktop, configuring it as a network drive, configuring Remote Desktop, and talk about the things I want to do with this.