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ESPN Fantasy Football API

2023 10 07 ESPN Fantasy Football SpringBoot

I've written a lot of the SpringBoot project so far, but I wanted to start taking a few notes as a go.

Roster IDs

Many of the entities that I have created by nature have composite IDs. The composite primary key design of RosterEntry could be a little tricky because you need to decide which field provides uniquenes to the instance, i.e. is it lineupSlotId (and Team) or is it playerId (and Team). If it's the former, than really your primary key could be the playerPoolEntry field, as this is already unique to the Team and league. To determine this, we need to determine if the RosterEntry is predicated on the slot itself, or the players within the Roster. If I move some players out of their starting positions, this will create additional slots. However, the roster entry array size does not change when queried from

Game Cast API

Today I finished up the basic game cast api that is used when you click on the game cast for a matchup. The thing I care most about here is the percentComplete field for each event because I think taht will definitely help with the matchup win probability field. I can query that for each player my using the players team id and cross referencing which event that competetitor is in and see the percent complete.